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Summary Report - detailed IIS and Apache statistics on one screen

Monitoring the Apache / IIS statistics day by day, you will be able to see the quality and quantity changes on the site at a glance.

detailed report - summary

Monitoring the changes of all analyzed site parameters with accuracy of one day, week, month

For example, you can see how the number of visitors changes for a certain page, how the number of visits from a certain page, from a search engine or from a search phrase changes, how frequently web spiders from search engines visit your IIS or Apache web site and so on.

graphical report view

Tracking the route of any visitor by its IP address or the address of the resource the visitor came from.

For example, you see that a lot of visitors come from a certain site. An additional report will show you not only the IP addresses of all visitors, but also their routes on the site. This report will give you the idea about the quality of the target page or the value of the audience coming to your site from the selected resource.

monitor apache and iis visitor paths

Adding new IIS or Apache log files to the project without having to recalculate the previous data.

For example, you can create a web statistic project and add new data to it daily. Only the new information will be analyzed even if your web server writes all statistics to one log file, which is quite a common case for shared hosting plans (IIS and Apache servers).

adding iis or apache weblog

The flexible report configuration system allows you to control changes in the selected characteristic for any period of time and with certain accuracy in both graphical and numerical forms.

For example, you want to view how the number of visitors has changed throughout the year for a certain page. Select the page on the Report Builder, the start and end dates for the report and how detailed the report should be - by days, weeks or months.

report builder - tune and analyze website stats

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