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Web Log Analyzer for Apache and IIS

Track Activities at Your Web Site

What was the increase traffic to the website after you published news on the forum? When and why your visitors from search engine disappears at once? What search phrases started bring you more traffic and what keywords turned out to be failures? Log Analyzer: Trends will try to help you in this case.

Pay Attention to Details

Watching visitor's paths through the website, you can find a lot of new things: for example, some pages does not allow your visitors to move on because of wrong links, some visitors ignore an important page because of discomfort in web site navigation.

Do Not Miss Visitors

Has your website been cracked? Trace the behavior of the attacker, find out his IP address. Want to know where a client visit to your site from? How the customer got to the order page? Log Analyzer: Trends can help you.

Your Website Day-by-Day

Due to the unique project storing system, you can add new log files to the project and the IIS or Apache website statistics will be added to those already existing. So, you can update the statistics daily or whenever you like.

Descriptive and Flexible Reports

iis log analyzerConvenient Overview report allow you to save your time on viewing the most important at the moment data. And the unique feature - Custom Report Builder will make web site analysis more accurate and demonstrative.

Analyze Campaign Effectiveness

web log analyzerCreate A/B test pages and analyze they effectiveness with Log Analyzer: Trends software. Use advanced reports to compare trends of different resources getting them together in one graph and table.

Print Reports

web log analyzerPrint any website statistics report either on separate sheets or as one tape. Show your investor or boss the results of your website promotion evolution.

Save Your Money

iis and apache weblogsThe low price of licensing Web Log Analyzer: Trends will suit any PR manager or webmaster.

The price of a license for the full-featured version is only 59.95 € (Apache + IIS log files supported).

Try it for free! It will take you 5 minutes to get your first reports.

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