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Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) for
Website Promotion and Marketing

Successful marketing of a modern website is inconceivable without search-engine optimization. Competent optimization assumes the creation of content, necessary and interesting to users. Interesting content and competent page design is a half of the optimization job. Don't pollute your pages with a huge number of target keywords - that may push away the users, and the search engines will quickly find out that the resource is unpopular. That is definitely followed by downgrading in the search results (pessimization) or ban in the worst case.

Here are a few simple optimization rules

  • Uniqueness of content. Your site must contain unique text; otherwise, the search engines will quickly determine the source of the original text, and your copy will be sent to the secondary index (supplemental results).
  • Properly filled head section of the page. Written in the human language description and title must contain keywords; moreover, not just the listing of the keywords but rather a readable, meaningful text. That text would then appear in the search engine's snippet, and the potential customer would use it to make the decision whether or not to proceed to your website.
  • It's not bad to have keywords also appear in the page header h1, and further on in the text on the page. Otherwise, the search engine would discard the title text as insignificant, and all the efforts would be in vain. It is also helpful to have pictures on the website described with a meaningful text in the alt tag. Note: Don't overdo it filling up the text with key phrases. Exceeding the 5% rate in keyword density may cause the pessimization of the page; besides, reading such text is not much of pleasure.
  • Outbound links, if they match the subject of your website and link to trustworthy resources, add trust rank to your website. Don't link to suspicious, warez or malware resources - the search engines don't like such resources and can include your website in the list of similar unsafe sites.
  • And the last, most important rule for search engine optimization - links leading to your website. The higher is the trust rank of the resources linking to your website, the more favorable is the position of the website in the results.
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